Once, I wrote a simple greeting
Some people taking me nicely
Others– just read in one blink
Yet I accepted all that joyfully

There are ways to make friends
Hold your bravery, right where you stand
One or two weeks doesn’t matter
All I need here is your letter

From a friendly listener to a teacher
From an aspiring scientist to a cat lover
From climate change to Harry Potter
Sharing stories, our shoulders get lighter

A friend of mine, way far west
I feel sincerity in every little talk
Caress a rotten pain in my chest
A happy epilogue from a delicious yolk

In the middle of starless, longing night
I recite this slowly poem to the moon
In different worlds, we share the same sight
I wish my pray will reach you soon

Later, I will wait for your letter
But maybe not the way we used to be
You will read it in a blue sweater
In my long rest, phrase it right beside me

Malang, 18 January 2020


There I see fire
Devouring our precious forest
Big vicious fire
Raging without a single rest

Consuming hundreds of creatures
Grey, dark smoke blankets our home
Orange and red, acres to acres
Losing the live of our biome

There I see fighters
Unnamed hero covered in yellow
Dauntless against thunders
Bearing all helpless bellow

The lives may be gone
Our will may fade away
Yet the ashes still let us
To start a new day

Malang, 12 January 2020


A huge concrete covered in glass
Saying hi to a new fellow
I stand there like a shy lass
Exchanging a nice hello

It took 16 hours to get here
Consuming from head to back
Yet I found my aches dissappear
Now it’s time to my finish my track

Mesmerized by a stunning design
Scholars humming like a recital
A delightful beauty, I couldn’t decline
Every single corner is vital

I take my last chair and sit quietly
Observing this crystal with a sigh
And nod to myself happily
I promise this is not a goodbye

Malang, 10 January 2020


Little tiny feet can’t sleep
His mind wakes up before dawn
No clue from the counting sheep
His eyes faint like a dead town

When you’re getting older
And everything seems going well
While everyone starts to differ
Let’s hear what they gonna tell

What’s worth and what’s not
His feet greets the new decade
Here we’ll find an uncontested plot
Little one, no need to be afraid

Like a program in a computer
Every small corruption
Could damage the adapter
Lead to a greater destruction

My little tiny feet
Exert your imagination
Pick which one to delete
Commit your decent disruption

Give up the badness in you
Convince yourself to resolve
Hold tight the goodness in you
Take the hint and evolve

Learning Series (3/3)
Malang, 9 January 2020