Little tiny feet looks around
Reading old pages here and there
He’s startled by unfamiliar sound
Is this his chance for a repair?

Daunting motive is lingering here
Generating unwanted dystopia
The other feet forced to read by fear
Staggered by social inertia

It’s never simple in the first place
Travels from east to west
Going back and forth to retrace
This is a lifetime quest

“My friends always remind me,”
“That everyday is our pages”
This small room is never ending story
The story should be heard for ages

Diving into a cycle of repetition
Writing letters day by day
It’s not only about intuition
Recite something new everyday

Little tiny feet made a redaction
While His books will always be infinite
The grey cells need a reconstruction
Till he knows everything is definite

Learning Series (2/3)
Malang, 7 January 2020


Little tiny feet just arrived
In a small room full of folks
Only four hours to be survived
Before they make him as jokes

Now his feet is getting bigger
Facing one mistake to another
Yet he still wants to be a rigor
Take off the hand of his mother

Once he looks up and wonders
When this will be over?
How many left in my calendars?
Do I need to know his number?

In a small room of unlimited fallacy
He stumble with some other feet
And found out an unexpected delicacy
As they exchange the bitter and sweet

Little tiny feet tried the other shoes
That everyone has their own flair
His folks are sharing the same blues
And this small room isn’t just a stair

Learning Series (1/3)
Malang, 6 January 2019


Here comes a new year, new me
Yet I stuck with the classic song
From that famous L-O-V-E
To the joy of Christmas Song

Said, “Smile, though your heart is aching”
Your words hold a million bliss
“Smile, even though it’s breaking”
That soothing voice that I’m gonna miss

All hail the sing, all hail the king
Let’s sit down for a while
Bring back memories and eternal fling
Make your noise and smile

Jazz Series (3/3)
Malang, 5 January 2020


Satchmo sings a delightful song
Take his trumpet in another level
Sir, make me dance all night long
Piano, bass, drum all revel

All they think is a culprit
While we hold our feet of clay
Ignoring the hypocrite
Hey, isn’t this a lovely day?

What a wonderful world
Hypnotizing our mind and ears
Magically swing the messy world
Wipe all the saddening tears

Jazz Series (2/3)
Malang, 5 January 2020