Ode to a Quarter

Everyone adores & loathes finite things
Minutes, hours, years, season, decade
One after another, flying without wings
Dropping, dripping, flowing like a cascade

Twenty five revolutions grasped in hand
Eagerly walk in the middle of tragedy
Embracing crisis as an old friend
Pouring it all in a finite rhapsody

Everyone adores & loathes finite things
Now it ends and we charge to begin anew
Yet before all that, let the poet swings
I wish you well and happy birthday to you

Malang, 27 April 2020


Once I put the words on a microscope
To seek the molecule inside of it
I say to drop a mouse without a rope
And you watch her probe her way out of it

Or walk along the way of its stanza
Going blindly and feel the hidden door
Maybe you’ll stumble into bonanza
And dig out our new journey to its core

Set a sail of your cruise on its surface
Should watch out for the unexpected bore
Start your first day from title and preface
And then greet the author’s name on the shore

In fact, we just want it to spill the beans
To torture and know what it really means

Malang, 20 March 2020


When I first met you
I didn’t have a clue
That you collect the moment
of my parents’ amazement

All I did was crying out loud
Yet it made my parents proud
You drive me to a safe shelter
A pinch of sweet and bitter

I’m surprised you have many names
Wrapping all mnemonic in frames
Sometimes people never recall
That you’re there in elastic crawl

But yeah, maybe we all are just we
All-forgetting wight as we might be
Part of me wants to write you in diary
Yet we stopped by monster called adultery

Maybe if I could know when
You’ll whisper me now and then
To put a smile before our deadline
To say, I think it’s time, I’ll be fine

Malang, 19 March 2020