310: Part III


Dense broth’s smell draw my attention
Lanterns, paints, fretwork dangling around
The Japanese style bought my satisfaction
Our footsteps guided by a sublime sound

Brought to us from Marugame
Two bowls of udon placed upfront
Seasoned by your presence per se
Calling memories that we’ve done

Two schotel torn my mind apart
Eggs and meats build up my bravery
Hot porridge melts in my heart
Yet, her lovely kiss holds the best savory

As the last spoon serves empty bowls
Three-days journey comes to an end
Edelweiss guarding these two souls
Holding hands, try to make a mend

Time’s arrows move swiftly like a milkfish
With no mercy, the train calls her prey
When someday He grants my last wish
We will meet again as we shout hooray!

Semarang, 7 September 2020

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