A quirky poet before his messy notes
Waiting patiently for a second chance
Words gather around, using their votes
Marching on, in the name of romance

Yet, the poet finds his pen petrified
No single ink holds the perfect road
To bridge the concept, makes them typified
To define a feeling, being showed

Moon after moon are floating away
Still, the words mumbling back and forth
Discussing which would they say
Till they realized the time is now short

Soon the poet closes his very sight
Recalling, how she offered her hand
Her voice shares an enthusiastic delight
Thrilling, like her magic book from Thailand

Her eyes declare what needs to be told
Her ears lifting up his loneliness
Her smile gleams brighter than gold
Her heart is braiding faithfulness

Slowly, phrases cleave the way to her lips
Land lines and rhymes to her fancy waist
Every letter will do anything to take a sip
Engrave his stanza in her without a haste

There, where he’s eventually aware
The paper embraces anything he needs
Guiding his soul to a final dare
To be enamored by the Princess indeed

Happy birthday, my dearest princess.
Malang, 2 September 2020

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