From a small group of Palo Alto
Preparing an unexpected million dollar company
It’s never about to stay low
We’ll never know will create tons of money

“Excuse me, how do you make money?”
And you said, “We got ads, senator”
Jump from one data to another like a bunny
Every single thing you do is in our monitor

While everyone has no clue
We all care for your birthday
Want a present? We got you
Page full of ads just one tap away

We always want to be the first place
Frenemy is not really a threat
As long as you have money
No more need to sweat

That’s how we grow our stock
Lurking beneath your dopamine burst
Mining data from our human livestock
Supplying our unlimited thirst

Thank you, Facebook
For everything you’ve done
For every data that you took
And all time that has gone

Social Media Series (3/3)
Malang, 8 September 2019

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