What are you posting today?
Oh wait! Let’s take a boomerang
Let me tag all of you, okay?
The world should know our harangue

Take a post here and there
So-called influencer goes viral
Do you need to sell your share?
It’s simply about commercial

Personal branding on the way
Post fake pictures as my selfie
Don’t care about what people say
We’re here to make lots of money

Hey man, why don’t you join?
As your words looking for a full stop
Now your caption is on point
Your hoax will take us to the top

We’re going to explore
All the things we never know
Even if we never ask for
There’s no exit to go

Just like people said to me
Yesterday is a history
Tomorrow is a mystery
And today is Instagram story

Social Media Series (2/3)
Malang, 20 July 2019