Little you know
the cruelty of this world
Just let it go
Play in your wonderful world

Smile brightly, be proud
Laugh, always love your family
Grow dauntlessly, be loud
No need to know this adult’s anomaly

Feed your fish, watch the trees
Hope you fill the day, with a blessed pray

Malang, 29 January 2019

2 replies on “Ethes”

Thank you!
Iya Di, Jan Ethes. Anak paling gemesin yang ngalahin pamor mas Kaesang haha
Aku kasian banget karena dalam polemik pemilu gini dia sampe keseret juga :'(
Nggak habis pikir sama politikus yang nyangkut pautkan anak itu, saking ngebetnya sama kekuasaan sampe melakukan segala cara

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