Wisdom Teeth

Many brains said they all full of noble
Back from golden dawn of our ancestor
Turns out, they’re like Russian in Chernobyl
Put a label, being the corruptor
Writing a scenario to smother
Scattering decades of an arrangement
Yet they still arise among the other
Ready and waiting for the right moment
Every person should lit the red alert
Instead of spending precious time to grit
And resulting a stubborn discomfort
Oh wait, am I really describing teeth?
Is this poem about teeth demolition?
Or looking at our mad politician?

Malang, 11 February 2020



32 crowns all sitting side by side
Hiding while waiting in a dark wet space
Protecting from the mysterious tide
Hot and cold they hold still, remain in place
Let it all be the sign of your laughter
Like best friends throw a birthday party
Infecting other people soon after
Chewing the abnormal absurdity
Let it all be the sign of your anger
Being mad for the ungrateful mortals
That spreading the unstoppable hunger
Causing the lead to demonic portals
And, let it be the sign of your last breath
You know, the red beast won’t beat you to death

Malang, 7 February 2020