Sokka (part 2)

His foots reached at a doorstep
Breaking a stone, while rebuilding man’s soul
As he reached at his definition and pep
The creative wolf finally finds a new goal

Accepted by his long-lost pack
They innovate a brand new fleet
His new sword leads the attack
Although the wolf faces his first defeat

A new moon arrives at dawn
Healing a battle-scarred hearts
Like red roses blooming in a lawn
Their love pursues a fresh restart

As every story has a climax
He catches his role like a boomerang
Their pack jumps into the third act
Eyes locked on his prey, sharpen his fang

Leaving old pride, he soars hand in hand
Bridging a novel path, inventing harmony
Sharing a cup of tea with old and new friends
Just like his painting, he stroked his destiny

Malang, 13 December 2020

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