Sokka (part 2)

His foots reached at a doorstep
Breaking a stone, while rebuilding man’s soul
As he reached at his definition and pep
The creative wolf finally finds a new goal

Accepted by his long-lost pack
They innovate a brand new fleet
His new sword leads the attack
Although the wolf faces his first defeat

A new moon arrives at dawn
Healing a battle-scarred hearts
Like red roses blooming in a lawn
Their love pursues a fresh restart

As every story has a climax
He catches his role like a boomerang
Their pack jumps into the third act
Eyes locked on his prey, sharpen his fang

Leaving old pride, he soars hand in hand
Bridging a novel path, inventing harmony
Sharing a cup of tea with old and new friends
Just like his painting, he stroked his destiny

Malang, 13 December 2020


Sokka (part 1)

Enslaved by his pride
A little pup seeks an adventure
Manhood, warrior, and bride
The boy boldly gets his departure

In every day, in every night
His eyes longing for the moon
One bright smile put up a fight
Kicking ass, stumbled in a cocoon

Facing a distinct, warm truth
Now manhood is long gone
The first trial of his youth
It’s not all about brawn

Reaching the same, yet different base
This little pup tastes his first kiss
But the fire wiped out his jolly face
No bride— howling in a lost bliss

His heart stays, journey carries on
Arrived as a mature wolf, he glimpses
At a reflection that no longer be fond
Is he a true warrior as what it seems?

Malang, 12 December 2020



As I raise my hand
No more fireworks exclaim
It’s quiet, all bland
This— these will never be the same

It’s like a festivity
Yet, without music or dance
Just clown and gravity
Unable to make a stance

I always wonder,
why there’s ‘fun’ in funeral?
And now I have to rhyme this ‘wonder’
Am I trying to be philosophical?

Perhaps I just can’t read
A tiny fish in a vast ocean
Holding poise to concede
In the face of culmination

Malang, 11 December 2020