Beaker Glass

Hold the beaker glass
Spit all your heart out
This is our life class
to learn sinking our doubt

If there is a better way
To make this simple
Let me keep the old way
Use it as an example

But luckily
Not everything is measurable
And honestly
It’s quite acceptable

Hold tight your beaker glass
Let’s start
the life lesson of our class

Malang, 30 July 2019



In a world full of zero and one
Where people do as fast as they can
Comes something that has never been done
Special thing that will save your life span

The Princess stands to give a glance
And it sparks as the morning sun
“This is my precious chance!”
She acted like she’s just won

The long wait has finally found
A place to start something new
Elevate all dreams from the ground
Designing her marvelous hue

She doesn’t want to be anything else
She just want to be herself
In love with the magical thing
Like a story in a bookshelf

She write and write and write
To give a tiny bit of her life
Put all effort and her might
Sharping her skills and thrive

This is a tale of Epic Epistolarian
Read a beautiful love story
about a Princess and her letters
And dive into her unlimited mystery

Inspired by Jasmine Firda Arija
Powered by Slowly App
Malang, 10 February 2019



Grab a cup of tea
to embrace your anxiety
to put you in clarity
Hold yourself, mon ami

Photo by: Hilal from Turkey.
Malang, 26 July 2019



Twit twit twit
Type type type
Meet people full of wit
Post some words to fill the hype

The blue bird sees it all
Pizza craving, meme generator
The blue bird keeps it all
Knit the thread like a tailor

All hail the holy hashtag
Those Kpop and political intensity
Put anything you want to brag
Just to keep your sanity

Thank you
My micro-blogging platform
For helping me
Finish my brainstorm

Social Media Series (1/3)
Malang, 18 July 2019

Eksplorasi Jurnal Rhyme

Mt. Buthak (6-7 July 2019)

As you reach the top
Take a moment to stop
Greet the morning breeze
And hold the memories

Mt. Buthak 2868 MASL
6-7 July 2019