Little you know
the cruelty of this world
Just let it go
Play in your wonderful world

Smile brightly, be proud
Laugh, always love your family
Grow dauntlessly, be loud
No need to know this adult’s anomaly

Feed your fish, watch the trees
Hope you fill the day, with a blessed pray

Malang, 29 January 2019



As the world turns black and blue
Bring the brightness of uncertainty
Commoners head for a coup
Demolish the hatred in their unity

Enchanted by the diversity around
Fondly care for the birth and loss
Growing old without unnecessary bound
Hover the kindness across

In a magical world of stick and stone
Jump into this allround skit
Keep the version of your own
Live to tell about it

Malang, 25 January 2019



Begin the story with a single step.
Long journey lies before you,
Only to enrich that tiny pep.
Gather every little clue.
Growing tall like a stray seed.
Emphasize your significance.
Rumble until you succeed.

Malang, 22 January 2019



Just because we don’t always agree.
After all, we still talk on the same degree.
Neither majority nor minority.
Under the same serendipity.
Along with our independency.
Rout the womb of indecency.
You my friend, it’s time to make a mend.

Budug Asu, 19 January 2019



Welcome to Nusantara
Now, we live in an era
Where two sides of minion
Whining over opinion

Arguing like a professional
Still, we all know it’s personal
Sounds statistic
Yet ain’t fantastic

We hope for neutrality
But it’s simply just reality
Shouting and swearing
Deafening and discriminating

Thus, instead of blaming
Let’s start evaluating
Interfere the game, player one
Till ‘haven’t done’ becomes ‘done’

This is your era
This is Nusantara
Make your flames lash out
Burn the fake shriek and shout

Some people will follow
Some else will say no
Well, it’s part of the game
Just focus on what you aim

Malang, 10 January 2019